Mentorship with Antoine West via Zoom or phone call

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Mobile and tablet friendly access. Download the mobile app once you become a student!!! Train on the go!

Complete A-Z training containing everything you need to know about dispatching. Enroll today and receive expert knowledge from Antoine West.

The goal of this course is to insure you have a solid understanding of Freight Dispatching by completion!

Everything contained in our standard package plus a 30 minute one on one private consultation session with the C.E.O. of High Speed Logistics LLC, Antoine West. During the session you will be able to ask any further questions you have from training, questions about scaling your business, or pretty much anything you want to talk about that will make you a better dispatcher!!!

What you will learn in the course

  • Different types of trucks
  • Roles of shippers, brokers, and carriers
  • Department of Transportation Hours of Service
  • Factoring Companies
  • Estimating trip distance and time
  • Finding a load
  • Setting a rate
  • Negotiating with brokers
  • Necessary paperwork
  • Matching up partials
  • Finding military loads
  • Booking over dimensional loads
  • How to get your truck out of slow lanes
  • How to acquire clients
  • How to set your dispatch service apart from the rest
  • How to hire other dispatchers to work for you
  • How to use this business to leave your full time job
  • Learn how to invoice your customers
  • Setup an LLC for Cheap
  • How to pay very little in taxes/ Tax write offs

What's included?

  • Professional Training
  • Freight Dispatching Workbook to follow along during training and go back and review
  • Handouts to help you along the way
  • List of Programs to Make Your Business Run Smoother


  • Dispatch training workbook
  • Region Map
  • Region Sheet
  • Key Terms
  • Rate Confirmation example
  • Invoice example
  • Freight Broker Packet example
  • Invoice example
  • Carrier info example
  • Dispatcher agreement example

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