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The goal of this course is to insure you have a solid understanding of Freight Dispatching by completion!

What you will learn in the course

  • Different types of trucks
  • Roles of shippers, brokers, and carriers
  • Department of Transportation Hours of Service
  • Factoring Companies
  • Estimating trip distance and time
  • Finding a load
  • Setting a rate
  • Negotiating with brokers
  • Necessary paperwork
  • Matching up partials
  • Finding military loads
  • Booking over dimensional loads
  • How to get your truck out of slow lanes
  • How to acquire clients
  • How to set your dispatch service apart from the rest
  • How to hire other dispatchers to work for you
  • How to use this business to leave your full time job
  • Learn how to invoice your customers
  • Setup an LLC for Cheap
  • How to pay very little in taxes/ Tax write offs

What's included?

  • Professional Training
  • Freight Dispatching Workbook to follow along during training and go back and review
  • Handouts to help you along the way
  • List of Programs to Make Your Business Run Smoother


  • Dispatch Training Workbook
  • Region Map
  • Region Sheet
  • Key Terms
  • Rate Confirmation Example
  • Invoice example
  • Freight Broker Packet Example
  • Invoice example
  • Carrier Info Example
  • Dispatcher Agreement Example

My Standard Program Changes Everything

I know what it takes to turn your side hustle into the next big thing, and that means I know how you can fit your training around everyday life. Entrepreneurship and wealth creation is only possible when you invest time and energy into freight dispatching the smart way. My job is to deliver a standard program that gets you off to the fastest possible start: 

  • Work From Home without facing the barrier of large starting capital costs 
  • Build A Scalable Business you can run no matter where you want to live
  • Create Immediate Cash Flow by adopting a tried and tested model that works 
  • Accelerate Faster by starting with the Standard Program and challenging yourself

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Zero experience, zero industry knowledge and zero freight dispatch resources…none of these things matter when you commit to a smarter approach to training. How do I know? I’ve already helped thousands of hardworking people just like you achieve their dreams by teaching on YouTube. 

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  • Online Content that focuses on taking action every single day as you start to scale
  • Self-Paced Professional Training and Lifetime Access! that keeps you connected
  • Freight Dispatching Workbook and targeted handouts focus you on what matters
  • Comprehensive Training Video Makes Your Business Run Smooth in just 5 hours! 

You’ll even get a full list of programs that help you get the foundations of a lucrative business right from day one. 

Just imagine having all of these exclusive handouts guiding you!

  • Dispatch Training Workbook
  • Region Map
  • Region Sheet
  • Key Terms
  • Rate Confirmation Example
  • Invoice example
  • Freight Broker Packet Example
  • Invoice example
  • Carrier Info Example
  • Dispatcher Agreement Example

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This unique approach has already engaged and empowered thousands of students just like you. All you have to do is decide you’re going to be the next one in my long list of success stories. Trust me, I know you can do this from the moment you invest your time and effort in my proven Standard Program. 

Meet Your Instructor

My name is Antoine West, and I’m the proud owner of West Family Logistics and High Speed Logistics. Before building my businesses I had the honor of serving in the U.S. Navy and U.S. Army where I learned just how far you can go in life with a focused, disciplined, and dedicated mindset. My goal is to use what I’ve learned to show you how to build an Immediate Cash Flow Business with my life-changing Standard Program. And if you want to dive even deeper, I have 3 higher tiers that will get you to your destination even faster. The choice is yours! 

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Here’s the core resources that have already helped thousands of entrepreneurs just like you: 

  • 5-Hour Training Video that you can watch on any screen or mobile device 
  • Detailed Handouts cover everything from the fundamentals to the fine details
  • Lifetime Access ensures you have the constant support and guidance that makes all the difference 

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