Why Freight Dispatching?

-6 Weeks of dispatch training with Antoine West followed by lifetime mentorship.

  • Want to have a recession proof business?
  • Do you have a dream of building generational wealth?
  • Do you want to change your life and earn over 6 figures yearly?
  • Want to get started with dispatching but don't know the process?
  • Are you looking to get into business with family and/or freinds?
  • Interested in a complete understanding of Freight Dispatching?
  • Want to grow a stream of passive income?
  • Want to dispatch your own truck?
  • Need help with your already existing dispatch business?
  • Need help finding clients?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then this is the course for you! The freight dispatcher is one of the most important roles in the logistics process - making sure the carrier has what they need to deliver freight. This profession will always be needed, and you can earn a high income by providing serious, real life help.

The newest and most advanced course is here for your benefit, without the expensive price tag.

During the course I'll be teaching you the exact process of how I went from $0 to $20,000 by my second month of business!

With your hard work and our expert training and mentorship you will be able to start generating over $100,000/yr faster than you may think now!

We'll be covering topics such as how to start your own Limited Liability Company, our guaranteed system to finding Owner Operators, how the dispatching process works, how to build your business passively, how to build a marketing funnel, how to utilize email and social media marketing, how to book the highest paying loads, how to set your pricing and scale your business, and proven methods to acquire clients. This program is self-paced, so you can take your time and go through it at your convenience. It's a lot of information, so this way, you don't have to stress about trying to take it all in at once. At the end of the 6 week program, you'll have access to our monthly group mentorship meetings via Zoom with expert dispatch mentor Antoine West, where your most puzzling questions will be answered. You'll have access to people in your industry who can help you grow your business. You'll have access to people who have gone through this program and have been successful.

What you will learn throughout this course:

  • Freight dispatcher training: At the heart of this course is the updated, 2022-optimized freight dispatcher training - in which you can learn how to become a successful dispatcher in 6 week and it's all self-paced. Start your 6 weeks today!

  • Monthly mentorship: Lifetime access to monthly live and recorded mentorship meetings. During these meeting you will have mentorship from industry expert Antoine West. No need to let your questions go unanswered.

  • Marketing secrets: With the right marketing your business will never be short of clients. During the program you will learn about our proven marketing plan which you can earn you well over $100,000/yr.

  • Logistics market overview: What does the logistics market look like? Who are the players and who does what? Where do you fit in this system as a freight dispatcher? To do your job well, you need to have a good understanding of the basics.

  • Truck types and technical terms: To communicate properly with your customers, it's important to know the jargon and the technical background of logistics and transport processes.

  • Load Optimization: Reduce transportation cost by booking high dollar paying loads. Learn the dispatching process that will keep your truck loaded.

  • How to sell your services: Having the right theoretical knowledge is one thing, but to be successful you will also need to be able to sell it. The course will teach you the tools you can use to keep getting more and more clients. We will have in depth conversations on how and where to find clients.

  • Database to find carriers: Finding carriers is a major pain point amongst new dispatch companies. During this program you learn highly effective techniques that are guaranteed to scale your business if used.


  • Profit potential: Through my example and the experiences of my students, you will learn about the profit-making opportunities in trucking. We will also talk about how and in how much time you can achieve a 6-figure salary

  • 7 habits of successful dispatch students: Working with thousands of students, I've experienced the attitude that is sure to lead to success and, of course, the things to avoid if you don't want to fail. 

  • Motivation: Regardless of success, from time to time we all get discouraged from work. With my students so far, we’ve tried countless techniques and found ways to avoid supplementation and build a healthy work-life balance without sacrificing high profits.

  • Starting a business: To realize the income, you need to start your own business. But what is the right form of business? How can you start a business in the right niche with high inflation? How to maximize business profits? I will cover these topics, among others.

  • With many more modules added to the program periodically and opportunities to hear me and other guest speak on Airbnb, roofing sales, wholesaling real estate, cryptocurrency, pressuring washing, Covid cleaning, and many other low cost money making ideas.


In addition to pre-recorded videos, quizzes, handouts and other text-based content, the course price includes a monthly mentorship program. Where I teach you up to date information that will keep your profits growing. This is much more than your average course!

You will receive much more value compared to the price of this program! Why wait?

You will be joining a program with specific life changing aims!

The Freight Dispatcher Program by Antoine's School of Entrepreneurship offers more than that - a real teacher-student program.

Pricing section

The time for courses requiring a lump sum prepayment has expired! In response to requests from students and applicants, the new course will be available on a subscription basis. 


The newest and most advanced Freight Dispatcher Course is $50 per month. With the current inflation rate skyrocketing, chances are that the course price will go up soon. Lock in your price today and pay only $50/month for life long expert mentorship. During this time, the price will not increase for you - this is a promise! This will literally be the only product with constant price in the upcoming months for our subscribers.

Affiliate Program

The Antoine School of Entrepreneurship affiliate program works like this: you gain 10% of the monthly price when someone joins up using your link. This is a simple method to make your program free while also generating additional revenue. You can turn this into a source of passive income!!!

You may start generating a passive income stream from your Freight Dispatcher program in many ways. You might want to think about one of the following:

  • Personal recommendations (friends, family, acquaintances)
  • Referrals from social media (notifying people in your network of the opportunity)
  • Facebook and other social media groups for networking
  • Creating and disseminating a testimonial video ad
  • Advertisements

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About Antoine

I made over $100,000 in my first year with my freight dispatcher business, which allowed me to quit my full-time job and transform my yearly income into a monthly income! Based on my prior experience and research, I've built a strategy that anyone with the necessary determination may utilize to mimic my accomplishment.

My goal in founding Antoine's School of Entrepreneurship is to help those who want to succeed - and who are not afraid to work hard - by sharing my previous experience! I don't claim that the path I offer is easy, as no one becomes a millionaire the next day. But I will help you get the foundations on which you can build a real existence.

Join the Freight Dispatcher Program today and learn how to build a career in this market.

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