At Antoine's School of Entrepreneurship, your success matters. Our mission is to deliver knowledge, actionable steps, and motivation that will empower you to take the responsibility of creating lifetime wealth for you, your family, and friends.


To create wealth through entrepreneurship and become the go to source for online business training


Where Knowledge Brings Wealth


Creating Learning Pathways to Lifetime Wealth At Antoine's School of Entrepreneurship, we know that the path to financial freedom is not set in stone. When it comes to building wealth, it takes intentional thinking, speed of implantation, and focused guidance based on your current circumstances, your passion, and personal financial goals. As your partner in wealth-building, we show you the ropes of business through successful entrepreneurship and empower you with the skills, training, and knowledge you need to succeed in any path you choose. Our knowledge platform customizes learning to your needs, and our community provides the support you need to build from scratch to the point where you have a

financial legacy that’s built to last.

Strategic Objectives

To help you discover the path to financial security and freedom by empowering you with the knowledge that supports smarter thinking and actionable steps.

To increase your chances of success at entrepreneurship through guided and focused mentorship.

To help you build your entrepreneurship goals from side hustle to lifetime businesses.



(for financial transformation)

We show you the road map to financial success by sharing knowledge that supports

your goals.


(through collaborative development)

We know your journey is unique to you and consciously walk the path with you,

creating a financial blueprint that works to give you the life you want.

Empowered thinking

We help you lay the foundation of positivity by giving you the building blocks that

consolidate your confidence and motivates you to be the best version of yourself


(and intentionality about your success)

When it comes down to pushing the limits, we put in our biggest effort to get you

results that help you realize your dreams