I'm Antoine West, and I embarked on my entrepreneurial journey by establishing my Freight Dispatch business. This venture not only enabled me to earn over $100,000 in my first year but also empowered me to transition from a full-time job to achieving monthly income equivalent to my previous yearly earnings.

Before venturing into entrepreneurship, I proudly served in both the U.S. Navy and U.S. Army, experiences that significantly contributed to my business success.

Now, the profits from my dispatching business have paved the way for additional streams of income, including my ventures in the Airbnb business and Cryptocurrency investing.

Since starting my freight dispatching business, I have leveraged the power of a proven pipeline system driven by AI to consistently recruit more owner operators every month, revolutionizing the freight dispatching industry and expanding my network of drivers while enhancing operational efficiency.

This transformation has allowed me to attain financial independence, focus on building generational wealth for my family, and dedicate my time to teaching others how to rely less on external factors and more on their own capabilities.

I am deeply passionate about imparting entrepreneurship knowledge and have personally developed courses aimed at guiding others toward a more fulfilling life.